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I've finally did it...

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This is my story for the storybook collab. It's all about Pokémon. Although, I'm not sure it will be accepted because it's so long.

The Quest for the Meteor Gemstone


Long ago, in a world completely different than our own, there was a great land that was filled with pokémon. They lived in villages and towns all over the world, and behaved in the same way humans do. These pokémon lived before the time of technology. They used the ancient ways of living in their world. They used weapons like swords, maces, spears, staffs, and many other weapons from that time period. But, in this world, they were capable of using magic.
There were some magical objects in this world that were used by many great magicians, sorcerers, and witches. Most of these magical folk used their magic to help other pokémon. Although, not all magic pokémon are good. Some of them can be pretty evil, and perhaps the most evil pokémon magician of all was Tangrowth.
Tangrowth was a very cruel, malicious, and evil pokémon magician. Whenever one of his minions upset him, he blew them away with one of his two magic scepters that he stole from a museum when he was younger. Tangrowth had but one goal: to conquer the world! He had wanted to conquer the world for most of his life, and it seemed like he was finally ready to do it. There was but one problem, though.
Tangrowth lived in a fortress on the edge of a cliff near some mountains. These mountains were incapable of being passed over, so the only way out was through the pass on the other side of a valley that was a few miles in front of his fortress. Unfortunately, in this valley was a powerful kingdom that stood in Tangrowth's way. Tangrowth tried to get through the kingdom with his army, but the kingdom's army was more powerful than his, and he was beaten.
Tangrowth knew the only way out was through the pass, and even his magic wasn't able to help him this time. The closest Tangrowth could get to the outside world was to use his magic scepters to create a portal that allows him to see beyond his fortress. He's looked all around the world, and he's even looked beyond the world into space. When he looks into space, he is amazed by how magnificent it looks, and had hoped to someday conquer all of space, too.
One day, while he was looking out into space through his portal, he saw something that caught his attention. It was a meteor, but this was no ordinary meteor, it was a magic meteor! Tangrowth could tell that the magic within that meteor was extremely powerful, the most powerful he's ever seen. "I wish I could get that meteor!" he angrily said. Then one of his guards replied, "Why don't you see if it's going to land somewhere on our world?" Tangrowth thought for a second, then said, "That's a great idea! I'll do it now!" Tangrowth then used his portal to see where the meteor would land. After he saw where it would land he shouted, "It's going to land somewhere in this mountain area! That means I can get to it without having to go through that kingdom! I will finally have the power to conquer this world!" He held back his head and laughed evilly, and so did all of the guards in the room.
Later that night, when he and everyone else in the fortress were asleep, one of his guards, Furret, got up and to this secret entrance/exit near the fortress door. He pushed a stone block out of the wall, which led to the outside of the fortress. He then put the block back in its place, and covered up the handle on it with some tall grass growing near it. Then he ran off toward the kingdom to warn them about the meteor, for he was a spy.
When Furret got to the kingdom, he went to the castle and ran to the throne room. Once there he told King Nidoking and Queen Nidoqueen about the meteor. "We cannot allow Tangrowth to get that meteor!" Nidoking said. "We must send our army to get it before he does!" Nidoqueen said. Nidoking replied, "Right!" and then he turned to Furret and asked, "When is the meteor going to land?" Furret thought for a moment, then said, "I don't know. He didn't tell us that part." Then Nidoking responded, "Well, then you must go back and find out posthaste!" "Right away, sire!" Furret replied, and then he ran out of the castle back to the fortress to find out about the meteor's time of impact.
When Furret arrived at the fortress, he pulled out the stone block using the handle. He then went through the hole with his back facing it. As he went through the hole, he pulled the stone block back into place. But then, when he turned around, he saw everyone in the fortress standing right in front of him! Two of the guards then grabbed Furret's arms and held him in place. Then Tangrowth walked up to Furret and said, "I've been suspecting you of being a spy for that kingdom for a while now, Furret." Furret responded, "Why would you think I was a spy, Lord Tangrowth?" He replied, "Because one of my guards from the outside of the fortress said they saw you go to the kingdom." "What!?" Furret shouted in shock. "Who saw me do that?!" Then, the guard, Gligar, flew down from the ceiling and landed on one of Tangrowth's scepters. "It was me!" he yelled. "I saw you run out of the fortress. I was suspicious of what you were doing, so I followed you. I followed you all the way to the kingdom. I saw you go into the castle, and I flew to one of the windows in the throne room, since I suspected you were going to go in that room. I waited until you came into the throne room. I heard you tell the king and queen about the meteor. Once I heard that, I flew back to the fortress to tell everybody that you were a spy."
Furret then said, "Yes, I was a spy for the kingdom, but I promise I won't betray you anymore, great and powerful lord Tangrowth." "Don't worry." Tangrowth replied. "I know you will never betray me again, Furret." "Really?" Furret said. "Yes." Tangrowth replied. "You will never betray me again." Tangrowth then stepped to the side and his guard, Croconaw, walked up to Furret holding an axe. Furret's face suddenly turned to horror as Croconaw held the axe up over his head, and swung it down at Furret.
A while later at the kingdom, Nidoking and Nidoqueen were still waiting for Furret to return. "What's taking him so long?" Nidoking said. "I'm not sure." Nidoqueen replied. "He should have been back by now." Suddenly, Gligar flew in through the window near the top of the room holding a small sack with something inside. "Who are you?" Nidoking asked. Gligar replied, "I am one of Tangrowth's minions, and I've been sent here by him to tell you that we know that Furret was a spy for you!" Everyone gasped in shock, and then Nidoking said, "You found out he's a spy! Oh no!" Then Nidoqueen asked, "What did you do with him?!" Gligar replied, "Don't worry! I've got him right here!" He reached into the sack he was holding, and pulled out Furret's severed head! Everyone screamed in horror at what they just saw, and then Gligar threw Furret's head at Nidoking and said, "We've already left for the place where the meteor is going to land! Now you'll never catch us!" Gligar let out an evil laugh, and then Nidoking said, "Guards! Get him!" The guards ran at Gligar to try and attack him, but he flew out of range of their weapons and flew out the window. "What should we do now?" Nidoqueen asked. Nidoking replied, "We must set out for the impact point immediately! Guards! Go tell my army to go now!" The guards ran out of the throne room to do the king's bidding. Soon after that, the king's army had marched off from the kingdom to where the meteor would land.
It had been almost a whole day since they left the fortress, but Tangrowth's army kept marching on. It was nearly sunset when they arrived at the site where the meteor would crash. Tangrowth looked ahead and said, "There is the place where the meteor will crash." He pointed at a small hill a distance in front of them. "The meteor will crash at the top of that hill shortly after sunset. I'm going to go to the top and wait for it." Tangrowth and his army marched over to the hill, and then Tangrowth climbed to the top of it.
The sun had set when the king's army had arrived at the site. Both of the armies just stood where they were for a short time, staring at each other menacingly, until Tangrowth yelled, "ATTACK!!!" Then the two armies charged at each other and started fighting. As they clashed, Tangrowth looked up toward the sky, and then started spinning his two scepters around. A pink circle started forming on the scepters as he spun them around.
Then, the meteor had gone through the atmosphere and broke through the clouds. The meteor heading straight for Tangrowth, going faster and faster. Right when he saw the meteor, he stopped spinning the scepters, and hit them both together, which caused a giant pink beam to blast out and go straight toward the meteor. The beam hit the meteor, which caused it to start slowing down. The meteor kept going slower and slower until it stopped a short distance above Tangrowth. Suddenly, Tangrowth's two scepters were pulled out of his hands and were absorbed into the meteor. Tangrowth watched as the scepters started spinning around with the meteor. As they were spinning around, the pink light around the meteor started getting smaller and smaller, until it burst into giant flashes of pink rings that flew out all around it.
The king's army saw this just when they finished beating Tangrowth's army. The pink light around the meteor got smaller as it floated down into Tangrowth's hands. When it landed in his hands, it was no longer a meteor, for it had turned into a gemstone. As Tangrowth looked at the gemstone, he said, "Incredible! The meteor has turned into a gemstone! I shall call this... the Meteor Gemstone!"
While Tangrowth was marveling at his new gemstone, one of the king's soldiers said, "Now! Let's get him!" And all the soldiers that were left charged at Tangrowth. Tangrowth saw them coming, and then turned and looked at three large boulders behind him. Tangrowth then used the gemstone and shot out three blasts of pink magic energy at the three boulders. The blasts hit the boulders and turned them into three large statues. Then the remaining magic went into the eyes of each of the statues, bringing them to life. The king's army was stopped in their tracks by the loud roaring of the three living statues. All three of the statues came out from behind the hill, revealing them to be dragons! Tangrowth then pointed down at the king's army and yelled, "Incinerate them!"
All three dragons then fired their fire breath at the army and reduced them all to ashes. Tangrowth let out an evil chuckle, and then he used the gemstone and blasted the entire battlefield with it. Suddenly all of Tangrowth's dead soldiers rose from the ground as zombies! Tangrowth looked over his army of zombies, and then yelled, "It's finally time to realize my dream of conquering the world! And it will begin with the destruction of the Nido Kingdom!" And so Tangrowth ordered his army and his dragons to attack the kingdom.
Tangrowth's zombie army attacked the kingdom, and since the army was gone, no one was left to defend it. The whole entire kingdom was completely destroyed by Tangrowth's army and his dragons. After that, Tangrowth ordered his army to move onto the rest of the world.
For many months, Tangrowth's army terrorized the world. They destroyed every village they came across, and killed every last pokémon they could find. Nobody could stop Tangrowth's unstoppable army, and it seemed like world conquest was his; or, so he thought.
One day, while Tangrowth was at his fortress, three pokémon suddenly appeared at the forest in front of the fortress. When they came out of the forest, they were revealed to be Meganium, Rampardos, and Sceptile. Meganium had a weapon made of metal which had a mallet on one end, and a spear on the other. Rampardos didn't have any weapons, but instead had two shields he used as weapons. Sceptile had the most unique weapons of all. He had these two shackles on each of his arms with sharp blades on each one that could change in length by pressing a small switch on both of them.
They all ran up to the side of the fortress out of view of the guards. Sceptile jumped to the top of the ledge above him and killed the two guards, and then Meganium and Rampardos jumped up too. They all climbed through a window into a room below. Then they were attacked by the guards in the room. They fought with the guards and were easily beating them.
Meanwhile, in the next room, Tangrowth could hear the fighting going on and said, "What's that noise?" His question was answered when Sceptile, Meganium, and Rampardos burst into the room after beating all the guards.
"Who are you?" Tangrowth asked. Sceptile replied, "We are Team Yorek! We have come here to stop you!" Tangrowth laughed evilly, and then said, "You think you're going to be able to stop me? I don't think so!" Tangrowth lifted the gemstone into the air and yelled, "Come forth, my dragons!" The gemstone amplified his command to the outside, and the three dragons tore off the roof of the room. The dragons started swiping at Sceptile, Meganium, and Rampardos. They started dodging the dragon's swiping claws, but then started dodging the energy blasts Tangrowth was shooting at them from the gemstone. One of the blasts blew a hole in the wall, and Sceptile, Meganium, and Rampardos jumped out the hole to the outside of the fortress.
They ran to the front of the fortress, and the dragons followed them with Tangrowth riding on the head of the middle one. The dragons landed in front of them, facing the fortress. Tangrowth jumped off the dragon's head to the ground and said, "You aren't going any farther! I'm eliminating you once and for all!" Tangrowth started charging up the energy in the gemstone, and the dragons started charging their fire breath. Then, they fired their fire breath and Tangrowth fired the gemstone energy blast at the same time at Team Yorek. The simultaneous blasts hit the fortress and blew it off the cliff into the chasm below.
When the dust cleared, the fortress was completely destroyed, and there were no signs of Team Yorek. Tangrowth looked around, and then said, "I might have destroyed my fortress, but at least I got rid of Team Yorek!" He threw back his head and laughed evilly. Suddenly, while he was laughing, Meganium snuck up behind him and hit the gemstone out of his hands with her weapon. Tangrowth then shouted in confusion, "What th-?" The gemstone flew up into the air, and Rampardos jumped out from the forest and caught it, then he landed back on the ground. Tangrowth then commanded his dragons, "Get back my gemstone from him!" One of the dragons tried to snap up Rampardos with his jaws, but he jumped out of the way. Another dragon got in front of him to block him, and then swung its claw down at him. The claw smashed the ground in front of Rampardos, causing him to fall to the ground, which made the gemstone fly out of his hand straight towards Tangrowth. Tangrowth stuck out his hands to catch the gemstone, but then Sceptile ran up from behind him, jumped up onto his head, and leaped up into the air and caught the gemstone. When he landed back onto the ground, Tangrowth yelled, "Destroy him and get my gemstone!!!" The three dragons surrounded Sceptile, and moved in to attack him. Sceptile then raised the gemstone up above his head and said, "Now, back to the life of stone with you!" The gemstone then fired three simultaneous blasts at each of the dragons. The dragons were each hit by one of the three energy blasts, and they were all turned back into statues. Tangrowth looked on in horror at the three dragon statues and said, "NOOOOO!!! My dragons! I'll kill you for this!" He ran at Sceptile to try and get the gemstone, but Meganium and Rampardos grabbed him by his arms and held him back. Sceptile walked up to him and said, "Your reign of terror is now over. Before I deal with you, I'm going to use this gemstone to repair all the damage you've done." He turned around and started walking to the edge of the cliff. Tangrowth watched him in anger and thought, "I can't let him destroy the world I destroyed!" He looked at Meganium and Rampardos, and then he kicked Meganium's leg, which her let go of his left arm, and then he hit Rampardos in the stomach with his freed arm, which made him let go of his right arm, and then he ran at Sceptile. Sceptile had just started lifting the gemstone into the air to use it, but then Meganium yelled, "Sceptile, behind you!" He turned his head and saw Tangrowth charging at him. Before he had time to react, Tangrowth collided into him, which made the gemstone fly out of his hands. Tangrowth and Sceptile saw as the gemstone fell straight towards a jagged piece of stone in the ground. It hit the stone, and split into three separate pieces, which fell to the ground a short distance away. Tangrowth pushed Sceptile away from him and ran over to the broken gemstone. He kneeled down and stared at his broken gemstone with grief. Team Yorek walked up behind him and Sceptile said, "It's over. The gemstone is broken. You won't be using it to hurt anybody anymore." Tangrowth just kneeled there for a few moments, thinking that he had lost, until, suddenly, the pieces of the gemstone started giving off a faint glow. Tangrowth saw them glowing, and then realized why they were doing that. He stood up, turned towards Team Yorek and said, "You think you've won, haven't you? Well it's not over yet!" Tangrowth reached over the gemstone pieces, and took the magical energy out of each of them. He then said, "Farewell, Team Yorek!" He threw the first amount of energy into the air, and it shot out four lightning-shaped beams at Tangrowth and the three dragon statues, and they all vanished in an instant.
Sceptile, Meganium, and Rampardos stood there for a few moments, wondering where Tangrowth went. Then, Sceptile walked over to the three gemstone shards. He picked one of them up, turned to Meganium and Rampardos and said, "Tangrowth may be gone for now, but I know he will stop at nothing to get these pieces and restore the meteor gemstone. We'll have to hide the three pieces in three different places, so Tangrowth won't be able to find them easily."
And with that, Team Yorek had three different dungeons built and put one of the three pieces into each of them. Nobody knew where Tangrowth went after he escaped from Team Yorek. But they knew that he would be after the gemstone pieces. So they built three dungeons and hid each of the pieces in each one. Little did he know that in 18 years, a new team would rise to defeat Tangrowth once and for all.

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